The Mobiletekz Fleet Tracking Service Plan  
  • Use GPS technology to view all your vehicles at once and check where they have been
  • Received detailed stop/move mileage/time reports weekly or monthly
  • Detailed maps or satellite images, anywhere in USA, Mexico and Canada
  • Intelligent dispatch capability - use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle
  • Instant Locates to know where a vehicle is in between updates
  • Disable the starter and prevent a vehicle from being driven
  • Unlock your vehicles' doors from the Web or any telephone
  Using your PC, within seconds you can know:  
  • Their location and routes, by detailed color map, satellite image and address;
  • Online Reports of Mileage, Stops and Moves;
  • The vehicles closest to your customer;
  • The details of the continuous activity for any time during the past 6 months;
  • Any instances that the vehicle has been speeding (you set the limits);
  • Any instances that the vehicle enters or exits any of up to 3 of your preset boundaries;
  In addition, the Mobiletekz GPS fleet tracking service includes:  
  • Instant alerts to any number of cellphones and/or emails when any speeding or boundary violation occurs;
  • Support from the Mobiletekz Customer Service Center.
  GPS Fleet and Personal Tracking Professional Installation  
  • Mobiletekz installs all types of GPS tracking devices in all vehicles including cars, trucks, fleet vehicles, motorcycles, watercraft, and more.