To:  Frankie Thanasith
Re:  Letter of Recommendation
From:  Mark L. Collens
           Vice-President Marketing
           20th Century Fox Federal Credit Union
To Whom it may Concern:
This Letter of Recommendation is to confirm that Frankie Thanasith and MobileTeks have been doing installations of both Blue Tooth Telephone Systems and GPS Tracking Devices for 20th Century Fox Federal Credit Union for more than one year.  We have been very pleased to have Mobile Teks and Frankie as part of our support team to assist us with the installation of these various units.
We are very confident that when we set an appointment for Frankie to do a install that he shows up on time and the work is preformed properly and professionally without any problems whatsoever.  Working very closely with Frankie makes selling these units almost seamless and smooth without worry about vehicles being damaged and the devices not working properly once installed.
We, 20th Century Fox Federal Credit Union are just launching a Nationwide Program to Market the GPS Units and are happy to support and recommend Mobile Teks and Frankie to do the installations for all of the Credit Unions which we are engaged in this business venture.  Please if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly on my Cell Phone (818) 489-0569 with regards to any issues or questions with the quality or integrity of Frankie.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mark L. Collens
Vice-President Marketing
20th Century Fox FCU

Sudhakar Company International highly recommends Frankie Thanasith, Mobile Teks for your installation needs. Frankie has provided us with superb customer service for over three years now and has never left us disappointed. He is available immediately when we have urgent matters or a simple question. We consider him a professional in his field and appreciate all he does above and beyond necessary to make our job easier. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or have any questions.


Robyn Stroup

MSJS Management Services, Inc. uses and recommends Mobile Teks for for installation of tracking devices. We are completely satisfied with the services performed by Frankie Thanasith and Mobile Teks. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Steve Bogle
Shop Manager

Daetweiler Tire Co., Inc.

Dear Mr. Thanasith,

This letter serves to offer our highest of recommendation to your company.

In the past, we had used several different companies to install our GPS units into our company fleet vehicles.  We experienced problems from the start – either the units were installed wrong or they didn’t work and the reason they gave was that the type of vehicle was too advanced and thus would conflict with the unit.  We had several units that were not being picked up by the Satellites and thus had a few hours delay before we could locate the unit.

When were at a point that we thought we would abandon these units your company was recommended to us and with your knowledge and expertise you fixed all of our GPS units in all our vehicles; and had them all operating in one single day.  You even fixed the vehicles that the other companies claimed would not work because the vehicles were “too advanced” and solved our problems in regards to the Satellites not picking up our units timely.  We felt even luckier when shortly after you fixed the units our large company delivery truck was stolen in our off hours from our plant.  Luckily, the GPS unit was working, and the police located it and made the arrests within the hour. 

You are very professional, competitively priced, always on time, experienced and knowledgeable in this field.  We highly recommend you and your services to anyone. 

Lucia Magee